Japanese Design


Often ceramics are just taken for granted and used for social gatherings or dining situations, but we’re excited to see the latest trends are taking ceramics into areas they previously haven’t been before. Of course with the multitude of styles and options out there how is one to choose a decorative ceramic piece for their space?

We hope to inspire you with the exciting pieces we’ve found here.


This Belgian ceramic studio is pushing the boundaries of ceramic art with the use of 3D ceramic printers. These designs look delicate but are actually stronger because of the 3D process. The detailed layering in these carafes create a visual feast of line and pattern when looking from above.


Another Belgian artist Ilona Van den Bergh has created these beautiful shapes from a range called ‘Moon’ which are created using a slip-cast and making each one a one-off piece. These would be definitely functional, but are also so lovely you could have them as display pieces on a table or sideboard. They have an even more powerful presence when stacked and grouped.


Japanese artist designer Yusuke Seki created a ceramic platform for Maruhiro’s flagship store in Tokyo suburb of Hasami. The area has a history of ceramics that goes back to the 17th Century.
Each of “building blocks” called “Shinikiji” in Japanese, were found to be flawed after the initial bisque-firing. As part of his re-valuative design process. Seki revived and transformed the once fragile item into new architectural material steeped in history.


Ceramic used in a completely different way, these pieces continue the ceramic trend of functionality but are enhanced by light to become even more beautiful.
This simple hanging lamp would suit a Scandinavian style home, or a contemporary understated space. The ‘creased’ ceramic shape goes against what the mind expects of a solid material. The soft light and creamy ceramic would soften an area or room to create a sense of calm.

Simon Naouri  - Applique Crease


Something a little bit different to finish with, these ceramic “melting vases” are on trend. Incorporating metallics within the centre of the vessel it seems to pour out onto the surface it sits on. For those of you who like a little bit of bling, these are a tasteful way to include metallics in your colour scheme.The smooth white ceramic exterior means you could tie it in with most schemes and it will definitely be a point of focus in the room albeit not immediately.