Exciting new ceramic tile, innovative pattern and Sonya Cotter Design's advise. 

Riding the trend of Nostalgic and Vintage we have seen a number of tile designs blending floral and geometric “memories”

One of our favourite designer Patricia Urquiola lead the way in 2012 for the general acceptance of pattern in tile with her design Azulej for the tile company Mutina.

Azulej’s mix and match patchwork approach inspires us to create truly individual looks. Not seen in the world of tile before. This built in customisation is now standard in many collections. 

Azulej  Mutina  by Patricia Urquiola

Azulej Mutina by Patricia Urquiola

At Sonya Cotter Design we have selected this product and similar styles for a couple of projects. It looks amazing in entrances as the pattern is reminiscent of a decorative rug only oh so much more practical. In bathrooms these styles add a wet area decorative element we usually only find with soft furnishings. We enjoy creating a totally individual interiors for or clients.

Puzzle - Barber and Osgerby for Italian brand  Mutina

Puzzle - Barber and Osgerby for Italian brand Mutina

The Puzzle collection comprises a variety of different tile designs intended to be used in combinations.  This collection will officially launch at the Salone de Mobile 2016

"Objects emerge like maps, islands or clouds, with endless possible permutations, meaning that whenever Puzzle is used it will always be unique,"Barber and Osgerby 

Type 32 by Diego Grandi for  Lea Ceramiche

Type 32 by Diego Grandi for Lea Ceramiche

Reminiscent of tradition herringbone reinterpreted through a contemporary language. The collection is extremely versatile with 32 items in the collection allowing complete personalisation. We love the graphic approach to the timber look and Sonya Cotter Design has just selected this tile for an exciting new apartment interior.

Tratti  by Inga Sempé's Parisian 

Tratti by Inga Sempé's Parisian 

Tratti by Inga Sempé's Parisian design studio is a collection of tiles in eight patterns that can be used individually, or in any combination to create endless mix and match compositions. 

 "Each design references a different universe: from fields seen from the sky, to pieces of a fabric, to embroideries, to symbols of cartographic keys, to architectural patterns."

We are inspired by the almost hand drawn, sketchy or hand painted surface.  Once again a patchwork of memories that allow us all be become the designer.

FAME -  Refin  Ceramics 

FAME - Refin Ceramics 

We enjoy how this design fragmented scale changes perception of the how the "decorative" tile is seen.

"FRAME dose not represent a return to the past, but a step towards the future that changes without forgetting its roots, stating once again the unbreakable bonds between culture, innovation and creativity that has always fuelled DesignTaleStudio’s work".

Combine pattern to create an original and sophisticated tile “patchwork”.