Continuing the theme of “looking both ways” i.e back to the past and forward into the future, The Dark and Light Palette blends tradition with modern innovation.  One of the key trends has been the importance of Darkness.  


Just as we need a dark sky in order to see the stars more clearly,  so it is with this palette.  The Dutch Masters of the 17th century epitomised this with their clever use of light playing against dark hues.


This can be translated into an interior scheme where there can be the juxtaposition of a dark and moody paint finish with rich and textural upholstery such as velvets to provide lustre, sheen and contrast.

Many of the colours in this palette combine coherently to reflect the tones of both dusk and dawn.




It’s no surprise that the luxury of leather back in the spotlight for furniture and interior accessories after 70’s inspired leather fashion gained so much attention on the world’s catwalks of late. 

As we ramp up materiality in our homes we are excited to see the revival of this stunning material. For us at Sonya Cotter Design it is all about the detailing of leather. Feast your eyes on the gallery of interior inspiration we have collected for you.

THe Process of Leather

Another interesting reason for the attention is the development of new leather tanning and finishing techniques resulting in more mature colours that are deeper with natural matt finish moving well away from the over dyed and overly waxy look and feel we  came to expect in the past. This new technology leather has a natural warmth with a soft and comforting to touch.

Sofa Design by Piero Lissoni for Cassina

Sofa Design by Piero Lissoni for Cassina

Liaison Sofa for  Nonn

Liaison Sofa for Nonn

Henge X- One Sofa -  David Shaw Furniture

Henge X- One Sofa - David Shaw Furniture

I am personally on the look-out for a stunning leather sofa right now. I am more than happy for the leather to age and develop over time "the natural patina of life" as i explain to my client. My only concern is how do I choose from all the incredible options available.


Are we ready?

Colour is on it's way for bathware once again. 

We may only have just recovered from the 70’s ill-advised arctic blue, avocado and lolly pink, well hold on colour in bathroom fittings is making a comeback. 

One reason why we think that the colour renaissance might be worth considering is this time around the finish is resolutely matt. The new look product's chalky low key lux follows the similar trend we see in home decor ceramics. 

New bathware colours on offer range from flesh pink, pale yellow, terracotta and khaki, or for those who are remodelling and would play it safe a we have found a stunning range of grey tones that will tempt even the most skeptical. 

 After seeing these stunning inspirational bathroom design ideas, were you converted to colour?