Texture has become a remedy for our senses.

Move away from smooth, cold surfaces and surround yourself with warm colours, flesh tones and vegetal hues. Rediscover colours that are soothing and restorative; relaxing and tonal. Begin to fill your home with texture, tactility and undulating surfaces. Your choice of materials becomes very important – how do they feel? Smell? Does your eye find interest in the apparent movement of the material's surface?

Texture has become a remedy for our senses. Tactility is our relief from the pressure of the screen and the smooth unsympathetic surfaces we endure daily.

Raw aesthetics are combined with manmade materials that provide visual interest and tactile qualities under our fingertips.


Subtle pastels and soft naturals make up the Sentience palette.  New beiges with a hint of grey are versatile and will pair easily with the mellow hues of the range.

Text from Dulux | Styling by Bree Leech and Heather Nette King | Photography by Lisa Cohen

We love this peaceful calm palette direction and look forward to incorporating these tones into a project. 

Antidote: A Colour Cure

Dulux Antidote Colour Trend 2017




The Dulux Colour Trends 2017 is your perfect prescription to cure the mundane. The Colour Cure is prescribing distilled colour palettes as an antidote to many of the challenges we face in our modern lifestyles
— Dulux

The team at Dulux has gifted us four stunning trend palettes. We have decided to drop one trend per week over the next four weeks so you can savour the concepts and thought provoking inspiration. 


A tonal palette of cool hues for understated luxury.

Pared back beauty comes from a rawness found in architectural angles and the use of industrial materials such as concrete, steel and galvanised finishes. These elements combine with subtle, more tonal colour palettes that can create the illusion of depth and accentuate interior details. An atmospheric palette of blues and greys, warmth is found through metallic accents in platinum, copper and rust.

Industrial materials such as glass, concrete and metal are perfect partners for decorative details in the Construct trend. Metals such as bronze, copper, platinum and silver all work beautifully with the grey and shades in the palette.

Text from Dulux | Styling by Bree Leech and Heather Nette King | Photography by Lisa Cohen


As implausible as it seems, summer is just around the corner and with this in mind we have been considering how to add style to our outdoor spaces.

Italian Manufacturer Roda maintain that we should “treat our outdoor spaces with the same pride as our indoor ones”.  Think of it as a way of extending living spaces, allowing the outdoors to become another room.

RODA Dandy Sofa & Outdoor Rug


With the myriad options available not only for outdoor furniture but accessories such as outdoor rugs, cushions, throws and lighting, beautiful spaces can be created on any budget.

As well as thinking about our outdoor rooms as extensions to our indoor spaces, we can also regard them as a space separate from how we live inside.   Think about layering cushions and rugs for lounging.  Bean bags are great for extra seating, we love the idea of storing them hung on hooks shown in the above photo! 

The beauty of these outdoor accessories is that they are so portable.  It's easy to create your own beautiful outdoor room anywhere - the park, the beach, the lake, the deck or the garden!

Playful and versatile is the collection by Stephen Burks designed for Dedon. Perfectly adding a textural pop of colour to our outdoor locations.

Don't forget to have a little fun. It is still not too late to create your very own outdoor dream location for summer.

Contact the team to discuss your project we can develop a plan with options and pricing effortlessly, turning your dream into a relaxing reality.



Continuing the theme of “looking both ways” i.e back to the past and forward into the future, The Dark and Light Palette blends tradition with modern innovation.  One of the key trends has been the importance of Darkness.  


Just as we need a dark sky in order to see the stars more clearly,  so it is with this palette.  The Dutch Masters of the 17th century epitomised this with their clever use of light playing against dark hues.


This can be translated into an interior scheme where there can be the juxtaposition of a dark and moody paint finish with rich and textural upholstery such as velvets to provide lustre, sheen and contrast.

Many of the colours in this palette combine coherently to reflect the tones of both dusk and dawn.



We need to know about our past in order to design for our future.  Including the past is comforting and evokes a feeling of home. Having a foundation in the past gives us confidence to step into the future.

Terracotta Reds reflect our rich heritage, however these tones have a bright contemporary feel that leads us to the future. 

We are in love with these nude and blush tones in this palette. We continue to use these in our projects with much success especially when contrasted with dark timbers or modern stylised fittings.

Color Futures Akzo Nobel

Color Futures Akzo Nobel

Vintage and antique references may be in contrast To or support Our modern-day aesthetic.


Denim Drift is a unique shade that represents the times we live in.

I have to agree with the result of the extensive research by leading architects, interior designers and trend watchers, the Denim Drift colour palette best represents how we will live our lives in 2017.

Denim Drift colour trend 2017

To complement the Akzo Nobel Colour of the Year, a special colour palette featuring a spectrum of blues and tones has also been developed.

Denim Drift combined with the lighter shades creates a crisp and airy feel, whereas with the darker shades it takes on a more dramatic and moody atmosphere.

The complete colour palette.

The complete colour palette.

“The Color of the Year and its complementary color palette tell the story of our Life in a New Light trend, with darker and lighter hues that change the mood of a room,” added Van Gent. “With blue set to dominate interiors in 2017, Denim Drift is a unique shade that represents the times we live in.”
— Heleen van Gent, Head of AkzoNobel’s Global Aesthetics Center

This is a beautiful, timeless and versatile grey-blue that takes on different characteristics depending on how it's used.

Thank you Akzo Nobel for perfectly capturing our lives for 2017.  However we see the overall palette mood depends very much on the colours you combine it with. 

Contact us for help with developing this palette in your location.

Carpet Considerations

We’ve pulled together a list of the most important considerations before choosing the perfect carpet for your family and lifestyle. Cavalier Bremworth and Sonya Cotter have created some helpful must see videos.





Sonya Cotter  - Consider Colour.

Plan ahead and check out further tips and advice on the Cavalier Bremworth website.  

Watch further videos with Sonya Cotter and have a look at the great new carpet selector tool.


Colour inspiration with Cavalier Bremworth from Sonya Cotter Design. 


Six Tips to renovation success 

This month Sonya Cotter was privileged to be asked to contribute the the August issue of NZ House & Garden's renovation special where we were asked to share some of our ideas and tips on cost effective renovations, read the full article written by Claire McCall.  


Renovation tip #1

When renovating a heritage house, if you are opening up spaces to bring a more contemporary feel, incorporate some of the original elements to bring continuity, add visual focus and texture.

Renovation tip #2

A few things to consider when still at the planning stage would be - is there enough light in the kitchen?  Skylights are an effective solution, maintaining wall space for cabinetry etc.  Are there enough walls for your art collection make sure your Interior Designer or Architect has incorporated any large or prominent pieces into the design scheme

Renovation tip #3

Here's a quick fix to update/renovate your laundry.  A clean, white style for laundries will never date, so look at off-the-shelf, flat-pack white laundry cabinets from building merchants and finish them with a stunning custom stone benchtop.  This is quick option too, as you could probably put flat-pack laundry cabinets together in just one afternoon!

Renovation Tip #4

Use over-height mirrors in the bathrooms to bounce extra light about, reflect a dramatic tile feature and increase the feeling of space.  Small mirrors just don't do the business.  For very little extra cost, there's a big gain on the glam factor.

REnovation Tip #5

Think carefully about the locations of existing internal doors, even in parts of the project that are not part of the renovation.  Moving a doorway can greatly enhance a room's layout and is a relatively easy thing to do during the build when all our contractors are about.  In a project I managed, the size of a wardrobe was doubled just by moving the bedroom door.


Meet your builder regularly and consistently, generally first thing in the morning.  That meeting should be locked in stone.  The builder can ask questions, product can be ordered and contractors briefed, creating a smooth workflow that saves time and cost.  There is no point in having tradespeople trying to guess how you would like things done.